Tuesday, 5 July 2016

European Blackjack and No-Peek Blackjack Strategy

There are several styles of blackjack in online casino Malaysia, and a lot of them have minority rule changes that don't seem important. But, this is always set up just to trap players who think there isn't much of a difference. Everyone notice that blackjack can have one of the lowest house advantages out there as long as you play well yet when you play games that do not have standard rules, then you run a risk of making that house advantage much bigger by making mistakes when you think you're playing rightly.

Therefore, we're going to show you a number of situations where the different ways of playing in European blackjack. European blackjack has certain rule that utterly changes the way that you should play some very crucial situations that are normally considered "automatic" plays by most players of online casino Malaysia who know some basic strategy. The rule change is that European blackjack does not have the dealer check for blackjack whenever there up card is a ten or an ace. When this doesn't seem like it would change much, it actually quite raise the possibility that you lose after putting more money into the hand.

We're going to look at two specific situations with this data in mind that should change how you play. Think about if you have paired eights against a dealer who has a ten or ace. One of the first rules that most people learn in blackjack is that you always split eights, but this is a situation where that is absolutely not the case. Due to the increased possibility of losing from the dealer having blackjack in these spots, it's better to just hit. While it's true that you have the worst of it, in fact you make things worse by putting in an extra bet in such a bad tendency. It's finally better to just cut your losses as the dealer is so strong with the added threat of blackjacks. Another situation with a similar idea is when you have a ten or eleven amount against a ten or an ace. Often you would double in some of these situations, but with European blackjack, you should never double against a ten or an ace. The added chance for the dealer to have blackjack is a pretty big deal in this game.

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