Wednesday, 23 March 2016

What are the odds of hitting a slots jackpot?

When paying a visit to a Malaysia online casino or physical casino, it is difficult not to be tempted by the promise of the big progressive jackpot slots counters, tick away in an ever increasing way amid the flashing lights and sirens of the slots floor.

If you are like most players, you will probably have dreamed about how you will spend the money if you won numerous times, but have you ever wondered what the odds of actually hitting the jackpot are? Unless you want us to pop your proverbial dream bubble, stop reading now.

If however you are curious as to what your chances really are of being the next jackpot winners, let's have a look at how these machines really operate.
When playing a typical weighted slot, the top jackpot prize symbol for each reel corresponds to just a single stop, meaning that the chance of hitting the jackpot image on one reel is one in 64. If all of the reels are developed the same way, the odds of hitting the jackpot image on all 3 reels is one in 64 to the power of 3 or 262,144. For online slots Malaysia with even bigger jackpots, the reel has many more stops. This will obviously reduce the chance to win the jackpot in question quite significantly.

At this point you might ask yourself if the odds are actually that bad? The response is yes. Does this mean that you need to keep putting coins into the machine until you insert 262,144? No and here is why:

When you play a 3 reel slot you will not be able to ascertain whether your coin is the first or the 262,144th to be inserted. Secondly if the slot's payout rate is about 90%, you should enjoy a number of small wins before you gain the jackpot. This means that you may push the spin button thousands of time, but it does not mean that you must spend a coin every time you do.

Let's look at this in detail, assuming that you are playing a three reel dollar slot that is advertised as having a 97% payout rate. You may interpret the payout rate as meaning that for every Dollar/Euro/Pound you spend, you will get at least 97 cents back. You could be right but you may also be wrong! How so? Well your first coin can earn you the jackpot, or maybe your tenth or twentieth could, you may also achieve smaller payouts or none at all.

In statistical terms, if this dollar slot really pays out at 97% you will normally gain 7,760 coins back for every 8,000 you put into it. So in true money terms the slot will only gain around $240 based on these assumptions. Whoever benefits from this retention will come down to random outcomes, or as a layman will put it...luck. Contrary to common belief, there is obviously no way of establishing when a slot payouts. It may go for extended periods of time and retain in excess of say $3000 before it returns a cent, conversely it may produce several jackpots in a matter of a day. It all comes down to its random nature. All you can do is test your luck with Malaysia online betting website!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Slot game and tips

The reason why slot game is the most played and liked that the way of playing is so simple, easy to understand and play. So participants can understand and manipulate smoothly the tips or good skills? If not, they will be “golden chick” for casino.
Like as any gambling game, the profit of slot is so attractive. Compensation rate makes anyone blind. Almost players all hope that they will become millionaire in a night with small capital.
Before taking step in Slot game, players can choose betting money to play. After betting, you can press button to activate reels, bet maximum 3 coins each time. If you want to receive big prize, the best choice is players should bet maximum on game. When playing enough and you want to receive the rest of capital, players just press Return. One of most attractive points is accumulated bounty form of machine, when winning this object, players will be so excited, winning money they receive maybe multiple many times comparing with betting money.
However, players need to note, the result cannot be calculated, so that you should make plan in detail to avoid falling passive situation.
When taking step in casino, sitting in front of slot machine, players need to prepare carefully good mentality, that you are the one who decide your destiny not any else. Even losing or winning, continuing or stopping then no one can decide for you. So on, you need to know your goal concurrently knowing clearly your limit included total capital, betting money, time and winning – losing line…
Every plan needs to be made when the head is conscious and you have to perform seriously. If wanting to unblock Slot machine, not only preparing your good mentality but also needing to understand about way of playing as well as rule of this game. In order to have points in betting process, when should raise or fall the bet, all you need is to allocate capital followed reasonable rate.
Capital capability of each player are different, winning goal is still private so you need to consider. With Slot players are leaned on aleatory and do not research and manipulate strategies as well as skills in process, until knowing that you fail heavily then it is too late.
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Sunday, 13 March 2016


Playtech is one the world's largest online gaming and sports betting software supplier which was established in 1999. After 15 years, the company has become the strongest gambing designers in the this business. The company had grown and developed continuously, and it had its own position in gaming industry withserveral achivement suh as The first European land-based casino to go online in 2002, the largest online gaming, so on. Playtech also entered into numerous field including worldwide bingo network, live casino, poker network, Live TV product and sports betting platform. The company had offices all over the world equipped with highly skilled specialists working. Hence, they can deliver to customers the first rate products and service.
Playtech's extensive product range includes Casino, Poker, Bingo, Live Games, Sports Betting, Binary Options, Mobile, Social Gaming, Lottery, Server-supported Terminals, as well as Casual and Fixed Odds Games. The company is extremely successful in building an integrate networks to ensure the ultimate gaming experience. Playtech always try to provide customersproducts with the highest quality.
Since 1999, Playtech had created a lot of video game such as Highway King Pro, Highway Kings, Jungle Mafia, The big 5, Magice Dice, etc. Here are some interesting products of Playtech.
Highway Kings Pro is a video game that has been created by Playtech with beautiful design, format as well as gameplay, one of the biggest names in the online slot design business. This is the game for the one who love highway trucks and big ones. It is the second in a franchise of trucking games by Playtech, with its predecessor known simple as Highway Kings.
Jungle Mafia is physics based shooting game with bouncing bullets and Ragdoll. In this game, player is required to kill all the enemies with as less bullets as possible, but you may lose  your life too. There are 30 logical levels and the player needs to tactfully move the objects carefully by bouncing the bullets and in turn killing as many enemies at one time.
Soft Magic Dice ( SMD) is a casino software product that claims to have been created by a group of experts in the online gaming industry who have over 30 years experience. That classic casino games has unique titles that can only be found on Mission 2 Game casino and from Soft Magic Dice.
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Friday, 11 March 2016

Explaining rules of playing Slot game

The rules of slot machine game is so simple, anyone just starts studying also know how to play slot machine. In reality, understanding rules of slot machine correct or not is an un-known story. You take the handle and hope you will win, this is slot machine. The principle of working of Slot online and principle of working Slot in casino are similar. But using slot machine online, you do not need to leave out your house nevertheless you still play game. When playing Slot machine online, you will have lots advantages. Firstly, all casinos also supply game online, secondly supplying kinds of slot game online to choose playing. Finally, casino online supplies Pay Table, Play Table and generalizes simply money transfer when winning, rising double and prizes for other players.  
Slot machine web in online game major is so welcomed. Because everyone plays this game so easily, withal there is not much requirements about attending and operating casino business. Players just need to log in casino, choosing the game you want to play, betting followed rotation and pressing button to rotate wheel. The cycle of this game still operates, if players win, money will be transferred to player’s account. If players lose, their account will be minus. Players love this game because it is so easy to use, they do not need to wait to join the game. With a pure slot machine web, newbie will understand it fast.
There is not any rule or principle for managing slot machine. But there are many kinds of slot machine online which become popular choices of players. The arrangement of slot machine exist a lot of variation. However, the most popular and played slot machine in internet is 3 reels, 5 reels or many lines. Besides the distribution about lines and reels, slot machine web also has cost rising machine and the game with big prize. With the entering of studying and earning experiences, there are many hints about the way of choosing slot machine which can be used but in basically this game is purely based on luck. Playing slot machine online is for fun not for earning money (even the opportunity is quite high)
Slot game online also provide to players Pay Table which describes your progress of transferring of slot game. This Table typically includes combination of separate reels, cost rate of many lines combination and big prize combination. Do not let the lies of consumed staffs which concern to way of playing slot machine fool you because this is impossible. You do not have any way to trick it as well as to adjust to win.  
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Monday, 7 March 2016

SCR888 Get Free RM50 Tutorial in iBET

SCR888 know as SKY888 is one of the Malaysia best Slot Games that providing slot machines Free Download and betting. When  players join SCR888 Online Casino, gamblers can win Monkey Jackpot and get bonus.The S888 is a video game platform in Malaysia cafes slot machines, and it is a product of brands called Scr888.
Players can play more SCR888 slot game in iBET SRC888 online casino. iBET SCR888 slot games provide gamblers an attractive deposit Promotion. For example, the casino support players with new member first Deposit MYR 30 and get a MYR 50 for FREE. The deposit and bonus amount has to be rolled 18 times before withdrawal can be made. It was caculated in the formular, the first Deposit equals to MYR 30, Bonus equals to First deposit MYR 30 plus MYR 50. So, how to Get Free RM50 in iBET SCR888 Slots.
The iBET SCR888 casino offers a deposit promotion, players can deposit RM30  to gain  FREE RM50. iBET SCR888 also support customers an information systems to make them understan the deposit promotion easily as well as got the latest information. This system made this tutorial for every player. To get SCR888 Free RM50 Tutorial in iBE, players should follow those steps. Firstly, players are required to click the links to get into iBET homepage and free to register as a iBET member to login.  Registering  iBET SCR888 Online Casino is extremely easy for everybody to do it! Then, players have to activate your iBET account.
The next step is clicking “Deposit” on the upper of iBET homepage, and selecting the “online bank transfer”.
Then you click “Make Deposit” to proceed to the next step. The fifth step is selecting an iBET account to perform the fund transfer, or perform a cash deposit via ATM/Cash Deposit. You also to activate your online bank. Remember deposit RM30 for FREE 50 Promotion. After deposit, click “next”. iBet provide different deposit promotion all the time, thus player need to check with customer service what is the latest deposit promotion before you deposit.
After you deposit on online bank, player have to fulfill all deposit information on this page and choose “RM 30 Free RM50” promotion package. Then click “Submit” to submit your application. iBET Customer service need to check your transaction information application. after confirming the correct amount, RM50 will be added to your account. The confirmation of funds transfer will be completed within 3 – 5 minutes.
The last step is checking your deposit record in the “History” page, you should click “Bonus Points”, if you see the record of deposit promotion RM50 bonus. Because  it means the deposit bonus is already added to your accountUse iBET Customer Service to Solve Your Any Problem!
If you have any problem, click the Customer Service icon under the right corner of the page, the casino information system will be availabe 24/24 to help you. It can make your confirmation of deposit amount transfer faster and solve your question.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

3 Beautiful Ladies Slot Game, 3 Slot Free Download to Play

One of the action packed slot game casino online like the highway king slot free download has been created to approach the car racing slot addicted players. Even if the highway king slot free download is amazed and high payout but somehow it is not much relaxed to play for all mechanical vehicles. For any slot addicted players and the beginners who might prefer to turn to some beautiful ladies’ slot themed for free play mode, here below the lists are definitely worth to go through and enjoy the play games.

 Miss White Free Slot Machine Malaysia Casino: Back to the story of snow white in your childhood, this super slot game has brought her into the 21 st century by IGT gaming software producer. To play this Miss White Free slot game, the player will not only enjoy with the greater payout than usual but also some great bonuses would be provided like the Magic Mirror Free Spins by which the player has to choose an apple and hope that it would not be the poisoned one. On top of that, in order to take Miss White as for a 21 st century lady, then the player can play this game either on the mobile devices or any compatible one.

 Miss Red Free Slot Online Casino: A mysterious lady who stays in the haunted mansion on the top of the hill is the free slot game which is created by IGT gaming software producer. If the player would like to take her out from the house, then it is needed to start playing this slot with the wager and spin the reels of the free casino slot game. The player can place the wager under the reels and choose which coin value to be used. It is further noted that the game has equipped with the Multi Way function to automatically trigger the coin up to 45. On top of that the player would be enjoyed with the 1,024 possible paylines to win that is definitely greater than common payline pattern.

 Miss Midas Free Slot Online Casino: A 5 -reels video slot machine which is one of the Greek Goddesses, have been developed by Next Gen Gaming Software producer. During playing this Miss Midas slot game, once the player has spin the reel, he or she will get the Greek mythology themed with a 25 paylines to earn more winning chances. The basic of slot game is just simple as the player will obtain more pays once they can align the matching symbols in combo on the active paylines of the game. Furthermore, the special feature has been set for the wild symbol like Miss Midas icon which can be replaced to any other symbols on the reels and line to earn more credit prizes. The scatter symbols have also been provided as the scatter castle icon and of course it could be paid and triggered up to 20 free spins. The super bet feature has been additionally designed in order to let the players to maximize their winning chances.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mas8 online casino website sign up bonus 2017

Some of the best things in life never go out of style, even though how many years may pass. While most people spend an amazing number of their time chasing the latest and the flashiest, it is only a matter of time before long time testing and favourites prevail once more.
The Mas8 online casino sign up bonus specializes in making all your traditional casino favourites as joyful as the first day you played them so you’ll never be left hankering for something else! Later all, with all the volatile excitement and entertainment we have in store for you at Malaysia Casino websites, there is much keeping up to do and we can assure you that you will hardly ever face a moment of boredom. With over 200 incredible online casino games that you can easily discover and indulge whenever of the day and wherever you please, Malaysia Casino websites can offer amazing wagering odds and impressive winning opportunities that you surely won’t want to miss out on.
Moreover, we are constantly updating and upgrading the existing selections of games on offer, as well as showing hot new ones that are bound to suck you in from the very first play. That’s not all – Malaysia Casino websites sweetens the deal for all casino players with the most competitive casino promotions and bonuses to make it worth your while.

Malaysia Casino websites is a potpourri of awesome casino games that contains live dealer games, slot games, table games, arcade games, and video poker games to match your playing preferences and style. Moreover under each aspects is more themed games that will dazzle you to no end but all the stunning visuals in Malaysia Casino websites’s games are just the sideshow to the real attraction – real wins and real money!

The only way to find your aptitude and hidden potential for reaping lucrative rewards is by giving online gambling a go when you play with the best, here at Malaysia Casino websites. With a healthy and impressive range of online games to more than please you, you can play all your online favourites till the cows come home, and you won’t even need to get dressed or leave your house for that. Exploding with local flavour and entertainment value, our incredible games will most surely make you wanting more. At Malaysia Casino websites, you will never have problems securing a seat or playing at your preferred tables or slot machine.
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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

How to play Highway Kings slots online?

Highway Kings slot is a trucker themed slot machine game that has been designed by the Playtech, which is one of the greatest brands in the online slot design business. This slot may not be everyone’s cup of tea with the regarding to the theme but it makes no matter though, since if you like the highway trucks and big ones at which, this is the closest themed slot on the market for that yearning you get. It is the second one in a franchise of trucking game created by Playtech, with its previous known simple as Highway Kings.
How to play Highway Kings slots online?
This slot machine is a kind of slot game which consists of 5 reels and 9 pay lines that can be seen in most Playtech casinos. The coin values offered in this slot game run from £0.01 up to £5 per coin. Players can decide to bet how many coins per line they wish to gamble, but clicking on the line bet button. The pay lines can be activated or deactivated by switching on lines button at the bottom of the screen. The minimum stake is £0.01 per line, per spin – in the time the maximum wager is £45 per spin.
There are great deals of symbols in this slot machine. The steering wheel, tyre, dice and truck pieces and trucker’s cap make up some of the smaller paying icons in the game, while the petrol station, red, yellow and green trucks compound the highest paying icons. The petrol station is the second highest which pays symbol in game, worth 5,000 coins if five of them are struck.
Highway Kings bonus features
There is one shatter symbol integrated into this slot machine game. The scatter symbol is symbolized by a sexy woman in red with a hat. Should the player gather three of the scatter symbols on the pay line, they will pack a 5 coin payout. Coin payouts of and 100 are ready for use should a player net four or five of the icons on the reels during a play.
The receipt flag can be found out on reels 1 and 5 and will trigger a Truck Racing Bonus if it appears on both. The bonus round can afford players free spins and multipliers, which will occur after the bonus round has come to an end.