Monday, 7 March 2016

SCR888 Get Free RM50 Tutorial in iBET

SCR888 know as SKY888 is one of the Malaysia best Slot Games that providing slot machines Free Download and betting. When  players join SCR888 Online Casino, gamblers can win Monkey Jackpot and get bonus.The S888 is a video game platform in Malaysia cafes slot machines, and it is a product of brands called Scr888.
Players can play more SCR888 slot game in iBET SRC888 online casino. iBET SCR888 slot games provide gamblers an attractive deposit Promotion. For example, the casino support players with new member first Deposit MYR 30 and get a MYR 50 for FREE. The deposit and bonus amount has to be rolled 18 times before withdrawal can be made. It was caculated in the formular, the first Deposit equals to MYR 30, Bonus equals to First deposit MYR 30 plus MYR 50. So, how to Get Free RM50 in iBET SCR888 Slots.
The iBET SCR888 casino offers a deposit promotion, players can deposit RM30  to gain  FREE RM50. iBET SCR888 also support customers an information systems to make them understan the deposit promotion easily as well as got the latest information. This system made this tutorial for every player. To get SCR888 Free RM50 Tutorial in iBE, players should follow those steps. Firstly, players are required to click the links to get into iBET homepage and free to register as a iBET member to login.  Registering  iBET SCR888 Online Casino is extremely easy for everybody to do it! Then, players have to activate your iBET account.
The next step is clicking “Deposit” on the upper of iBET homepage, and selecting the “online bank transfer”.
Then you click “Make Deposit” to proceed to the next step. The fifth step is selecting an iBET account to perform the fund transfer, or perform a cash deposit via ATM/Cash Deposit. You also to activate your online bank. Remember deposit RM30 for FREE 50 Promotion. After deposit, click “next”. iBet provide different deposit promotion all the time, thus player need to check with customer service what is the latest deposit promotion before you deposit.
After you deposit on online bank, player have to fulfill all deposit information on this page and choose “RM 30 Free RM50” promotion package. Then click “Submit” to submit your application. iBET Customer service need to check your transaction information application. after confirming the correct amount, RM50 will be added to your account. The confirmation of funds transfer will be completed within 3 – 5 minutes.
The last step is checking your deposit record in the “History” page, you should click “Bonus Points”, if you see the record of deposit promotion RM50 bonus. Because  it means the deposit bonus is already added to your accountUse iBET Customer Service to Solve Your Any Problem!
If you have any problem, click the Customer Service icon under the right corner of the page, the casino information system will be availabe 24/24 to help you. It can make your confirmation of deposit amount transfer faster and solve your question.

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