Monday, 15 February 2016

5 Amazed Bonus in Pink Panther Slot Game Online Casino

Great Blue Slot game might be a selective favorite choice for many slot players either they would be new players or the existing gamblers for a while. The outstanding key that could make this slot game Great Blue a popular one has not only come from its easy gameplay but also the huge jackpot as well as the greater payout to be possibly receive even if the players have only placed smaller of bet to play for. If any players would like to feel some new experience in gambling online with the main characters from MGM’s beloved series namely Pink Panther, it would be a good time to try on now. During playing this slot game online, the player would not only see Pink Panther but also Little man and Inspector Clouseau to be brought together for the gambling entertainment.
•How Pink Panther Online Casino Game Works: The player can get started to play the game as part of Inspector Clouseau to take time for investigation through the game. This Pink Panther slot has been tailored with 5 reels, 40 paylines, five bonuses and of course another two random progressive jackpot to enjoy and potentially to walk away with real rewards.
•How the Bonus Games in Pink Panther to be: In addition to earn more wining chances, this Pink Panther slot game has been created with the attractive 5 bonuses which are comprised of these following ones:
oThe Pink Pow Bonus: This amazed bonus could change additional icons to be in wild for a following spin.
oThe Crack the Pink Code Bonus: This bonus game would provide the player a number of safes by which the player can easily open to earn some free games or the multipliers as desired.
oThe Wheel of Pink Bonus: During playing this Pink Panther Slot Game Online casino, the player would view that there would be two wheels of pink bonus. By which the player can simply spin the outer wheels and then the cash prizes could be won while the inner wheel, it could be also spin again with the more prizes to gather and enjoy.
oThe Color Pink Bonus: For this Pink Panther game online casino, the player would be more fun as it would be provided another 2 animated characters in the Color Pink Bonus which is painted for pink numbers. The player can have a great fun due to the total amount of the pink numbers would be equivalent to the sum cash bonus the player could enjoy from the game and he or she may try to maximize the winning chances from this additional times to get the repainted again.
oThe Pink Trail Bonus Game: At this stage of Bonus in Pink Panther Game, the player would be possibly the most fun as it would be comprised of 4 rounds that Inspector Clouseau would be on the hunt for diamond. Then the player would need to follow carefully in order to earn winning cash’s prizes. On top of that, after each round has been completed, the player could select to gather or continue the game. If continue, it might be fallen in a trap and all winning are halved. While choosing to end and the player may find the diamond and the winning would be doubled.

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