Monday, 25 January 2016

3 Reasons Why Choosing Great Blue Slot to Play Online Casino

The great blue slot could be considered as one of the most

popular slot game online casino which is created and developed

by Playtech, the leading and the highly reputation gaming

software organization. The main attractive of this slot game online

is the bonus round which the player can beat more up to 33 free

spins or a 15x multiplier which is the extremely high variance slot

game for playing at any online casinos even to win the great blue 

slot game is not too often but once the player can beat, it will then

result in the larger prize like the great blue has its own meaning of

big. Here below are listed for the new players and the beginners

to understand more how the great blue game online has been

widely played online casinos by many players across the world.

1. How the great blue game works: This video slot game

online will have total 25 paylines and 5 reels which is

originally developed by Playtech under the theme of

undersea. By which the game would have one killer whale

or it might be called as Great Blue. The player can play by

starting from the minimal of 25 cent per spin and gear up

to the maximum amount of USD 125 for each spin.

2. How the scatters and wild feature works: During

playing slot game online casino, the player would see that

there would be wild and scatters feature by which once

the player can obtain at least 3 or more sea shell symbols

which is under the scatter feature at anywhere on the

reels, the player will be given trigger of the great blue

bonus feature. Then the player would automatically begin

to play with 8 free spins with a two multiplier.

Consequently, the player would need to make the

decision whether to select which 2 out of 5 sea shells in

order to obtain the extra free spin or multiplier.

3. How many free spin’s chance at this slot game: By the

principle of this slot game’s rule, the player would have

the total free spin’s chance to earn at the massive of 33

free spins as well as up to 15 multiplier. However, the

player should always remember that once he or she got

another 3 or more scatters during playing free spin bonus,

he or she will automatically be awarded for another trigger

of addition 15 free spins which of course could be played

at the same multiplier the player has for that particular

triggering spin. Or in other word, it could probably say that

the number of free spins at this slot game online is

unlimited to beat.

It has ever been shared by some slot player who has ever

enjoyed playing this underwater themed slot game and felt that he

could commonly get approximately of 15 free spins up to 10

multiplier. It is exactly nice and some player has been awarded for

50 times during playing this slot game online casino. That is the

reasons why this underwater theme slot game has been

considered as superb slot game.

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